Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA Round 2

      Three more articles on SOPA and PIPA that I found later in the day as RCP finally caught up with the rest of the web. The print media never did and only Countdown with Keith Olbermann did in the visual media. The rest assume we are all to distracted by the other things we do on the web to notice. So for a real breakdown of what these bills are SOPA vs.  PIPA: Anti-Piracy bills, uproar explained is the best breakdown on what the bills do that I have seen. ZDNet with a list of who went black, and Brad Feldman with both an informed and heartfelt take on why he opposes these bills. I once asked a cop if I was in California or Russia and found out that they aren't a lot different, with the passage of these bills the question of whether we are in The United States or China will become a moot point.


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