Saturday, October 29, 2011

The GOP's jobs plan vs. Obama's

     In The GOP's jobs plan vs. Obama's the author manages to write 3 pages and include zero facts. This is an amazing accomplishment, and he should be congratulated.


Elizabeth Warren's Winning Formula

     A purer propaganda piece will be hard to find. In Elizabeth Warren's Winning Formula Dana Milbank plays cheerleader in chief for Ms Warren. If you want to feel good about the Democratic party please read, otherwise not much here.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Barack Kissinger Obama

    He is still a bit confused, but in Barack Kissinger Obama Friedman for the most part makes sense.


How The Patriot Act Stripped Me of My First Amendment Rights

    How the Patriot Act Stripped Me of My first Amendment Rights is a straightforward first hand experience of the effects of fear legislation on your rights as an American citizen. Still in effect and making you no safer.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Editorial Funnies

GOP Debate Boycott, Centers on Univision, Rubio

      This is so ugly I almost don't know where to begin. In GOP Debate Boycott, Centers on Univison, Rubio the author so misses the amount of corruption going on here that it makes the piece seem like a satire set up for Saturday Night Live. This starts with an almost unheard of anymore but straightforward piece on Rubio's relatives connections with crime figures. From there it just gets tawdrier and tawdrier. When does the corruption in the Republican party stop?


GOP Backs Tax Hikes For the Poor

     GOP Backs Tax Hikes for the Poor is the longest of a number of partisan pieces I saw this morning attacking Perry's tax proposal.

The Fighter Fallacy

      I used to like David Brooks. But he has become such a whiner. The Fighter Fallacy is another example of centrist do it our way or we will trash you.


Recall The Lost Paradise of Budget Surpluses

     I never know how serious Ms. Harrop is at any point in time. Recall the Lost Paradise of Budget Surpluses looks like a serious article and definitely makes its points about the past.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Editorial Cartoon Monday


the GOP's Latest Tax Gimmick: Soak the Poor

     An obviously partisan piece, The GOP's Latest Tax Gimmick: Soak the Poor has some nice historical references but misses the real problem, different electorate.

All Sides Should Agree: Down With Big Banks

All Sides Should Agree Down Big Banks is a good look at some of the big bank abuses still going on. Ignore the occasional partisan jibe.


Big is Beautiful

     In an oddly compelling article, Big is Beautiful explains how real job growth is done by big companies. I wonder if this works with banks too, but I don't think so.


New Commerce Secretary

     We have a new Secretary of Commerce. In America Has a Commerce Secretary Again we see how much harder Obama has it at home than he does in the previous article on foreign policy. Five months to nominate a Commerce Secretary who doesn't have anything political to do until 2019. Huh? What about the judges needed to rule on the the lawsuits being brought up. They are taking much longer to confirm than five months. Oops! This is embarrassing that the senate is ignoring it's responsibilities to our country so badly.


Barack Obama, The Unexpected Foriegn Policy President

     Barack Obama the Unexpected Foriegn Policy President should be in the good column, but some editor decided we didn't need a third of the article and we are left without the arguments needed for the final conclusion.