Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Five For the Vets.

The Six Dumbest Protest Ever

     Watch out The Six Dumbest Protest Ever is liberal humor, Conservatives beware!


The Values Debate We're Not Having

     I can hear the sound of cliches breaking in The Values Debate We're Not Having as Mr Cizik reminds us not all good, church going Christians believe that business needs are more important than our fellow man. Nicely written


Legends of the Fail

     Legends of the Fail should be called Krugman does his Snopes imitation, debunking the latest wowsers to hit the blogosphere on the Euro failure.


Let's Get Real

     The best take so far on the famous Oops! by Perry, Let's Get Real, No One is Eliminating Any Cabinet Post tells it like it is. We all know once a department is created it is here to stay.


Veterans Make Good Entrepreneurs

     The real title of the article is On Veterans Day, An Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Excellence which highlights some Veterans who have made good and what they think made them so.


Don't Even Think About Cutting The Deficit

     The former Secretary of Labor is back in Don't Even Think About Cutting the Deficit another in a long line of the same old same old from him about what not to do, but with nothing to do.

Capitalism Vs The Climate

     Reading Capitalism Vs The Climate my first thought was is it really that bad? Followed by that sure is a lot of people having their life blown up. Being an expert at blowing up my life all on my own, having the world blow your life up has to be even worse. No wonder climate denial has gotten to be such a touchy and popular subject. This is full blown fear that everything you know and believe is wrong. That can cause some fight back. We will see if nature or common sense pounds them in the dirt first, but my guess is that nothing short of nature will do the job.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pearls Before Breakfast

      Pearls Before Breakfast is a fascinating study of American Society in a nutshell and leaves me a little stunned, as I am just as guilty as these folks of being so focused on me, and getting where I am going on time, that I probably would have walked on by too. At most I would have dropped all the change in my pocket, or if no change a dollar in his case. I am left with questions? Why is it so important to get to your job on time? Is this why we seem arrogant to other countries because we are so sure what we are doing is too important to interrupt? Or are we scared little kids too worried about losing our job to think about anything that might distract us?
     By the way our mind is so wonderful at removing or lessening distractions that as write this I am also listening to the performance, and have singled out the violin from the distractions well enough to not really miss many notes at all. Aren't our minds a wonderful thing.


Today's Best Cartoon

More Veterans Day

Veterans Day Comic


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's Best Cartoon

Mitt Romney as the Nominee: ...

    Another Terrible Tuesday champion, Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins is either a wonderful piece of sarcasm (some say Redstate is The Onion for conservatives) or the worst case of alarmism I've seen in a while.


Media Fails Sobriety Test

     What an appropriately bad article for Terrible Tuesday. In Media Fails Sobriety Test Investors Business Daily manages to make Fox News seem fair and balanced. Shocking!

Here Comes the Sun

     Here Comes the Sun is one of the better Paul Krugman opinions of late. More important is the link to a Scientific American article on whether something similar to Moore's law is now applicable to Solar Energy.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Today's Best Cartoon

Free Book on Politics and China Now at Amazon

     This highly opinionated but well written book on the perils of China is now free from Amazon. This is a Kindle book but as you own a computer that does not matter. You can download Kindle for PC and read it on your computer anywhere. Even better once you do get a Kindle you can still have the book loaded onto your new device with ease. Always good to know what the alarmist are selling so take advantage of this free book now!


Too Right to be Right

Any Son-of-a-Bitch is just so on the point that I had to share it with all.


6 point plan

Found as a comment at Middle Class Pays for Financial Market Mistakes
Amen! Road to balanced budget:
1. Let all Bush's tax cuts expired
2. Change Medicare's end-of-life policies, allow cross-border healthcare access/providers, open national healthcare exchange for Medicaid, ALL uninsureds and anyone who wants to participate to leverage their bargaining power, and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prescription costs and reimbursement costs (open market, not government mandated rate to prevent cost shifting)
3. End all individual and business tax deductions, subsidies, and loopholes; remove Medicare and SS caps, consider business bonuses, stock options, cap gains, dividends, and interests as ordinary income, eliminate business double taxation, tax inheritance only on untaxed portion and consider it as ordinary income; and tax foreign income at differential rate between foreign country's and US's rate (zero if US rate is higher and no more tax havens)
4. Consider SS as an annuity plan earning 2-yr T-Bill rate and paid out as annuity after retirement until exhausted.
5. Cap defense budget at the combined budget of the next 5 largest foreign defense budgets
6. Set 4 flat tax brackets for both individual and business with max rate at 25% to collect enough revenues to pay for annual spending and investment and initiatives, and paying down the national debt in 20 years (The first 5 items will save more than $2T a year and enable the US with lowest tax nation in the world for both individuals and businesses)

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Sunday Funnies

Excessive CEO Pay and Job Losses: Are They Linked?

     While reading Excessive CEO Pay and Job Losses: Are They Linked? all I could think was what took them so long? Of course they are linked. If the CEO is making more, and the shareholders are making more, than where is the extra going to come from? From the consumer, workers and out of the quality of what is being made. This is just common sense. About time someone started calling them out on it.


The Root of All Oakland

      The Root of All Oakland could have been written in the 60's by establishment columnist of that time. What a throwback!