Saturday, October 1, 2011

Warning contents may cause Loling

    This is just too funny: warning-contents-may-cause-loling.html

Cain's Chilean Model

       Cain's Chilean Model is really not as much about Cain as it about the Chilean Model for retirement security. Good explanation.


Rich People are Being Demonized

    Rich People are Being "Demonized" for Flaunting Their Wealth is the full title of the article and is an accurate indication of what happened in the article. Just as the title is too long, the article took to long to set up the joke.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Chris Christie's Big Problem

     Chris Christie's Big Problem is that he is fat. That is what the article says. It actually could have been a lot worse.


This Would be too Easy

     In We Already Have the Infrastructure Bank We Need the writers point out that we already have a version of an infrastructure bank, but that it operates only on foreign soil. would some small changes be a better idea?


Happy Tidings From the Hill

       I think the proper word is irreverent. I think Happy Tidings From the Hill is just funny. Other will claim it is snarky. Whatever, worth reading is the final thought.


Taking Cain Seriously

     Finally a halfway decent article from the Wall Street Journal. Taking Cain Seriously is another sensible look at the least disliked Republican candidate.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crazy Never Wins GOP Sweepstakes

     Crazy Never Wins GOP Sweepstakes except when it does like in 1964. There is a real dearth of facts here, everything is anecdotal not based in reality.


Odds Favor GOP Gaining Control of Senate

      Odds Favor GOP Gaining Control of Senate is  for hardcore political junkies like me only. A good early season analysis of the race odds.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Movement to Reclain the American Dream

     A Movement to Reclaim the American Dream is pure unadulterated agitprop. It makes no claim to support a political party, just ask you to throw the bums out and find a different set of bums from a different class. Wish it were possible, but it just might be too late. A fun read, as not much of this around anymore.


Five Prescriptions for Healing Economy's Ills

     I don't know that all of these ideas are viable, and the political will is really almost nil, but they are interesting reading.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Viscous Circle

     I started with The Lost Decade, another centrist piece saying since we couldn't all play nice, the sky will fall. It lead me to Panic? a farther right piece about how we have to play with different toys now. Which had a ton of cogent comments, so reading along someone reminded me of a great post by David Frum called Were Our Enemies Right?. Which lead me to wonder what he had written lately. Lately is called Why Our Government is Broken, which finished the circle, since we don't play nice anymore, the sky is falling.


Herman Cain Explained

     The title of the article is Herman Cain Explained. The first half of this article does just that. Then it goes downhill in a hurry. Attacks on Cain. More justification of not giving him more coverage as an inconsequential candidate. Months ago I saw this article, A Polling Based Forecast of the Republican Primary Field which said among other things to watch out for Herman Cain. The why is still valid. Although few recognize his name, those that do have a very positive feeling about him. See this Gallup poll from July and you will see that Cain's positivity score was still the best in the Republican field, including Perry's. It will be very interesting to see if he can get his name recognition high enough to start consistently polling in double digits. Cain is probably the Republicans most dangerous candidate.


Nothing but Dogs in This Hunt

     More wishful thinking fills Nothing but Dogs in This Hunt then should ever be allowed in one article.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Despite "Obamneycare" Mitt is Back

      The title Despite "Obamneycare" Mitt is Back is all you need to see to know this article is going to go in circles and waste your time completely.


More European Crisis

     For a crisis this European thing is taking a long time to develop, which leads us to the first of 2 more articles on the crisis. In Euro Death Zone Trip Mr Krugman hits it right on the head when he says we are bored of being scared. In Repeating the Mistakes of the 1930's  Mr Samuelson notes that European leaders are looking at the wrong part of history in making their budgeting decisions.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Greek Toast

     Why is Greek Toast and other stories like it hiding in the back pages of the newspapers. this is going to have a bigger effect on jobs and unemployment than anything else in the next twelve months. Right now 22% of our exports go to the European market. If they can't buy as much we can't sell as much. If we can;t sell as much there are less jobs. Period. End of story.

New Infrastructure Spending is Necessary

      Looking at the link, Get Off the Road to Nowhere was supposed to be the name of this article. The problem with this article, and others in its ilk, is that only one side sees the necessity of infrastructure spending, so it is an issue going nowhere. I think of articles like this one as ground swell articles, hoping to get a push from the public big enough to get some support for their issue. It is right, but that is about the only virtue, otherwise it is speaking to the choir.


How Cain Won Florida

     Nice work on this breaking story. How Cain Won Florida is a filled with background look at the Florida Straw Poll.


GOP to Perry: Honeymoon Over

      Headline is misleading as GOP to Perry: Honeymoon is Over is more about how Cain won in Florida Straw Poll than about Perry.