Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday's Best Comics

Two For the Good Column

      Gail Collins is back on the good list, The Ghost of Boyfriends Past is a look at the once slowdown now a stoppage of Senate approval of Presidential appointies.
     Sean Trende with another good article, Unsustainable Debt, Unsustainable Gridlock has a lot of good research. although I don't agree with the conclusion.


Reality and Re-election Sharpen Obama's Zig Zags

      Just a partisan excuse piece, Reality and Re-election Sharpen Obama's Zigzags tries to explain why the President seems so uneven at times with his policy making.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Best Comic

All Bad Friday

     All I have to report today is bad stuff. Krugman at his laziest, a pure political hit piece on Romney. Kinsley at Bloomberg who can't decide if he is allowed to say what is really on his mind so bashes Obama Kansas speech instead. The Wall Street Journal back to it's usual self with a hit piece of Gingrich as the establishment has decided that Romney is the only acceptable candidate. Blech.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Workers Need More Income and More Power

    A good, concise look at wage differential, Workers Need More Income and More Power makes a number of good points. What I am wondering. is how this got snuck into the online version of the Wall Street Journal.

President's Speech

    The President's Speech itself was excellent and inspiring as we have come to expect from this President. The commentary about it was pretty much somewhere between partisan hamfisted praise ( EJ Dionne's Obama's New Square Deal) , moderate whining ( President Obama's Roosevelt Speech ) and conservative insistence that he still only wants to make the government bigger and more intrusive ( Obama's Rx: Bad News for Middle Class ). this cartoon was better commentary than anything else.

No Sign of Intelligent Life

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Three for the Good Column on Healthcare

     The LA Times had two good opinions on healthcare today, first on effect already in action with Obamacare to the Rescue and second with The conservatives case for Heathcare Reform's Individual Mandate which looks at both sides of the conservative argument.
    Finally Joe Nocero dchimes in with Dr. Berwicks Pink Slip which looks at the changes Dr. Berwick started at Medicare and why he is no longer there.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Pain In the Public Sector

     Pain in the Public Sector is a good look at why so many public sector jobs are disappearing


Two for the Bad Column

     Wall Street Plays Occupy White house is just another one of those everybody is bad so we are all screwed articles that is big on facts and what is wrong but offers zero solutions.
     Meanwhile Paul Krugman had a lazy day so he just piled on in Send in the Clueless picking on the already handicapped.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Quote from a conservative

     Benjamin Disraeli was a member of the British Conservative party his entire career in politics although this quote from an opponent shows that he was not a stick in the mud type " As a result of these social reforms the Liberal-Labour MP Alexander Macdonald told his constituents in 1879, "  As a result of these social reforms the Liberal-Labour MP Alexander Macdonald told his constituents in 1879, As a result of these social reforms the Liberal-Labour MP Alexander Macdonald told his constituents in 1879, "The Conservative party have done more for the working classes in five years than the Liberals have in fifty." Some of the social acts passed included including the Artisan's and Labourers' Dwellings Improvement Act 1875, the Public Health Act 1875, the Sale of Food and Drugs Act (1875), and the Education Act (1876). His government also introduced a new Factory Act meant to protect workers, the Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act 1875 to allow peaceful picketing, and the Employers and Workmen Act (1875) to enable workers to sue employers in the civil courts if they broke legal contracts. Hell of a conservative, he felt strongly about levelling the playing field.


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