Friday, January 6, 2012

Romney and the New Whatshisname

      The Wall Street Journal thinks they are both stupid,  The Times Paul Krugman has the push back on Romney, and we go in state to get the real info on Rick Santorum from Will Bunch. All in all a pretty yucky day in the punditsphere

Political Burnout

      You ever have the feeling that people just aren't really thinking about politics at all? I do and apparently so do the guys over at Brutish & Short. I actually do a version where I punch up all these articles into my browser, read them and think I didn't learn a damn new thing. Good to know I am not alone.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quit Commuting

      The title of the article is Your Car Commute Helps Cause Tornadoes. This is  a quick little article that gives you a good reason to start working from home or buy a motorcycle for the summer. If you want to find out why climate change is bad try this article in the Guardian.


Four From Iowa

     Four different articles about Iowa with three different conclusions. Huh? Weirdly enough the best look I saw was from Huffington Post blogger Ari Melber who like all these articles tried to big picture it but had some distance. Jay Cost had the usual charts and cool facts and is always worth reading. Dana Milbank didn't admit to there being a winner at all and could have used some of Jay's cool charts. Finally the Washington Examiner felt Obama was the winner. Still confused, me too. Next week New Hampshire without Bachmann and maybe minus Perry.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yesterday's Leftovers

     Paul Krugman explains debt but those in denial will still not understand.
     This is a news story but State Targeting Employers Who Don't Play by the Rules
makes it seem that California is trying to help the good guys against the cheats, which is a good idea for the State.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yesterday's Leftovers

      Still up on my browser and worth reading, or worth denigrating.
     Mark Steyn is still worried about the deficit, but my questions are two: How does firing government workers (deficit cuts = government jobs lost) help the economy, and with interest rates for fed borrowing at essentially zero why are we worried about borrowing anyway, isn't it basically free money.
     Cool little article on the political and military implications of Antarctica
     More proof would be nice but Democrats and the Senate  is probably right about the likely result.
     Finally Dave Barry and his review of 2011 is very funny.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Prognosticators Strike

      Americans are all about making predictions and I am a sucker for it also. So I found Karl Rove's predictions and a pretty cool rebuttal to his predictions.
      I personally think they are both a little wrong and will make a small prediction of my own with two qualifiers. If unemployment goes down in the last three months before the November election and is below 8.0%, Obama will win re-election with the house ending up very closely contested and the Republican majority being reduced to less than 5. The Senate will go Republican but only by one or two. Yes Obama will have some coattails but not enough to push Democrats over the top.