Friday, November 18, 2011

The Wall Street Disconnect

     I kind of feel like saying who didn't know this, but The Wall Street Disconnect saves itself by linking us to the wonk article A "Great Haircut" to Kickstart Growth with a good look at what is needed and why it is not getting done.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dangerous Bill Would Threaten Legitimate Websites

    I am sitting here in debate at whether this is bad, ugly or just both. Dangerous Bill Would Threaten Legitimate Websites is the title and it really does seem from the article that it would be unneeded and unnecessary legislation. (The current congress doesn't really pass anything but the way these things work by time it got somewhere there would be another do anything congress in). Worse it could pass the house now and the senate after 2012 after that body went Republican. More research needed of course but this would be a very bad bill as described.


Are We Reaching " Limits to Growth"

    Are We Reaching " Limits to Growth" is more of a scientific paper than an opinion piece so be sure that the radical right would attack it if they new about it. What it does is say that even without climate change things are going to get bad because we don't have enough stuff to support everyone who wants to live like us. Oops, sorry what we are doing is unsustainable so everyone is going to suffer. The only question is when and is the financial disaster actually the precursor that announces we have reached that point. The author is an actuary, who is someone who crunches numbers to let the insurance companies know how much to charge for what they are selling and still make a profit.


Why Doing Nothing Yields 7.1 Trillion in Deficit Cuts

    Also known as How We Can Succeed Through Supercommittee's Failure is a two piece article where the proof for a is in b (Why Doing Nothing Yields 7.1 Trillion in Cuts ). since this is an EJ makes sense month take advantage and read something from him.


GOP's Loose Lips Sink Covert Options

    GOP's Loose Lips Sink Covert Options is on of those Duh! articles that doesn't say much but probably is a necessary evil as some people may not have noticed how last decade the GOP frontrunner's foreign policy positions are. If you are  the unaware please read.


Where Occupy Wall Street Must Go From Here

     I knew badness was happening from the title. How pompous is Where Occupy Wall Street Must Go From Here? Like if they don't do what he says they are Idiots or incompetents. For all that this isn't nearly as bad as it should be, some good facts and ideas in the article. Just don't tell me what I have to do.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Funnies For Occupy

Charles Pierce is all heated up over Occupy Wall Street Eviction

       Found this piece from Charles Pierce at a cool blog called Brutish & Short and I would like to welcome him to the realization that we really do live in a police state. He hemmed and hawed about it, I won't


Welcome to the Police State

     Saw a conclusion in the Washington Post editorial on the clearing of Zuchcotti Park which stated " This morning’s action may not be what a police state looks like, but it’s certainly how one begins." and I was thinking I've known we live in a police state ever since I asked a cop whether I was in California or Russia and ended spending two nights in jail and paying a lawyer 500.00 dollars to get my sentence reduced to 6 months summary probation. My lawyer said I got off easy. After all, it is a benevolent police state. All the same, when the powers that be get annoyed enough the lash will come out. The free media may complain, but with politicians being owned by the corporations and the Patriot Act still in force, there is no doubt that anytime they want to put protesters in jail, they can. It seems to me that Wall Street just got tired of the people picking on them and decided to show them what type of state we really live in. Welcome to the realization. This is a police state, just well hidden.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Climate Change: There is No Plan B

     Talk about an alarmist with an agenda. Climate Change: There is No Plan B is a move straight to plan C: giving up. The part that is alarming is how American views on this subject are so far removed from other countries. If you read the comments, you will see how different our responses are to what was written. Scary.


The Wonk Who Slays Washington

     A number of articles on the 60 minutes segment on crony capitalism. The Wonk Who Slays Washington which first appeared in Newsweek was the most even handed of the bunch.


Chelsea Clinton Newsperson?

 Never has a news hiring prompted so much bitchiness. In Chelsea Clintons Hiring at NBC News Prompts Skeptical Reactions From News Media  we see just how petty a newsperson who has been played can be. Almost every article on this subject had some cattiness to it. Wow!