Saturday, October 15, 2011

The 1930s Sure Sound Familiar

    A good look at like points, The 1930s Sure Sound Familiar is well worth the look. In it he references Since Yesterday: The 1930s in America by noted historian Frederick Lewis Allen which you can get much cheaper if you get the ebook at Amazon as the hardback is running 30.00 or more and the ebook is just 4.99.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Guys in the 1% Brought This On

     Nicely constructed The Guys in the 1% Brought This On is a decent look at the expanding Occupy
Wall Street Movement and why it happened


Tea Party Losing GOP Primary

      Attacking from within is the focus of Tea Party Losing GOP Primary with facts in short supply and all logic circular.


GOP's Favorite Solution: Do Nothing

       In another left whining session, EJ Dionne's GOP's Favorite Solution: Do Nothing let's him once again prove he can waste space with the best. I do like the Reverse Houdini thing near the end of the piece.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warren Makes the Proper Case for Liberalism

     A very nice rebuttal of a rebuttal, Warren Makes the Proper Case for Liberalism fights back against this article Elizabeth Warren is Refuting Arguments No One is Making, saying maybe we should be reshaping the argument as most conservatives have forgotten about the social contract. Here is the Video that got the ball rolling.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Open Letter and Warning From a Former Tea Partier

     The full title is An Open Letter and Warning From a Former Tea Party Adherent to the Occupy Wall Street Movement and is an ugly indictment of our current political situation along with some suggestions to try and move it back to where it is supposed to be. Found this posted on my wall at Facebook.


Nine Reason Why Republicans Ought to Nominate Herman Cain

     Nice little look at the pros of Herman Cain


Economy Tipping Into Recession

     The myth busters at ECRI just put out a new paper, Economy Tipping Into Recession which is required reading for anyone who wants to get a jump on the next bust. Also worth reading is Could This Time Have Been Different? which is really receiving a lot of play in the punditsphere for it's accurate look at why we did not get the stimulus we needed.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Healthcare Reform Law: What is the Big Deal?

     A very nice analysis of the mandate part of the law, Healthcare Reform Law: What's the Big Deal is a well put together look for the common man.

Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?

     Another centrist complaint Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio? is another in a long line of useless opinion from Thomas Friedman.

Reasons to Study Economics

     Saw this comment on an article in the Guardian called The Fight Against Climate Change is Down to Us: The 99%
I don't why people bother studying economics
The same reason that people in the Middle Ages studied theology:
- to eke one's way up the greasy pole
- to please one's masters by providing a justification for their abuses
- to forgive their sins and thus obtain their ear
- to obfuscate and cloud rational debate with pseudo-science, and so keep the masses ignorant
- to make sure you are the one dealing out righteous punishment (IMF etc.) and not the one receiving it (the poor)
- to have the power of screaming "heretic", knowing that the term could never be objectively justified
- to control all thought so that only the one thought, the absolute gospel truth of economics, is heard from every pulpit in the land, from every university chair and in every classroom
- to speak power to truth in exchange for crumbs from the tables of the masters of the universe.
What a dark age we live in. But the dawn breaks.

    Comparing economics to religion in the Dark Ages might seem a little radical but is probably not a bad idea.