Saturday, December 3, 2011

GOP's War on Labor Unions

     The real title should be The GOP's War on Labor Unions continues as this has been an on going battle since the 70's. What happened was Reagan convinced the Party of Lincoln to abandon the principles of Lincoln and instead embrace the land owners. Once the land owners were back in charge they got together with the factory owners and decided they didn't need no stinking laws saying they had to be fair and convinced the under educated that if the land owners and factory owners got richer it would trickle down to the masses. They then set the rules up so that it would be better to keep the money instead of trickling it down. Trickle down only works when capital gains taxes are high so that it is cheaper to reinvest than to keep the money. Oops they forgot to tell us about that. That is how we got here in a nutshell.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Best Comic

From the Punditry

     Had to share this article Michele Bachman Gets Things Straight on Gay Marriage as it left me in stitches.


Three for the Bad Column

    Some really horrid opinions out there today masquerading as good sense. The most egregious one is David Brooks The Spirit of Enterprise where Mr. insist that we are not willing to work hard anymore, and that laziness is the cause of the problems in Europe.
      Also horrible is par for the course of the Wall Street Journal and Harry Reid's Job Surcharge is just more of the same as they play partisan politics to the hilt in the obvious hit job.

      Finally yesterday's winner of stupidest article from the guys at Brutish & Short is Back Off, Angry Commenter's as why are you complaining about someone showing up to read your article?


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is the Fed Pursuing Our Interest or the Banks Interest?

    Is the Fed Pursuing Our Interest or the Banks Interest? is such a good title that I had hopes that someone on the right actually understood what was going on. No such luck, a more wrong headed body of proof would be hard to come by. Hope dashed again.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

International Day is a bad day

    Both of these opinions should have been good but the writers got a little lazy. Eugene Robinson admits he just got there but in A China That Needs Cheers Not Jeers he  notes that this is not your fathers communism. More detail would have made this a good article. Thomas Friedman on the other hand has been lazy for years now and Israel and the Arab Awakening is just more of it.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Economics of Abbott and Costello

   This was way too cool not to share The Economics of Abbott and Costello will leave you both laughing and thinking.


Only Good Stuff Today

I deleted anything that left me in a bad mood so only the good stuff today.

Two articles on the first amendment under attack,  The Freedom to Tweet not Applicable in Thailand or in Kansas from our hi tech friends at Infoworld. From the ultra liberal The Nation Silent Majority: California's War on it's Students lamenting the ability of students to protest.

     Two articles on continuing the payroll tax holiday, Robert Reich Restore the Basic Bargain, and Michael Tomasky's  GOP is Set to Self Destruct Over Payroll Tax. Both a bit partisan but have lots of good points.
     Finally a guy a usually can't even get through Thomas Sowell Lesson's of History a nice look at the Idiocy of the centrist and their rewriting of history.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funnies Editorial Style

First Amendment Hijacked by Moneyed Interest

       This is the types of signs that have been removed from public discourse with the removal of the occupy protesters around the country. In First Amendment Hijacked by Moneyed Interest Reich looks at the speech part of the problem but it also indicates that out police work for those same moneyed interest.  He could have and probably should have said more on this subject as police intimidation can leave people home instead of on the streets protesting where they need to be.


What is Constitutional Conservitism

     Despite not really defining it's title, What is Constitutional Conservatism is a good look at differences in the two faces of modern liberalism.