Saturday, October 22, 2011

Five Myths About Dodd-Frank

     Five Myths About Dodd-Frank is actually by Chris Dodd. So he defends his law against what? Against repeal because he knows something is better than nothing and if this was rewritten it would be much stricter. The good/bad news is that most of this law is not really in effect yet. Like the health care law, it will take a while to implement because it is so detailed. Another delay was in the senate as a director for the new agency it created had to be appointed and the senate did not want the real author Elizabeth Warren. His final point is back to something is better than nothing. Eek!


Is Barrack obama Still Weak After Toppling Muammar Gaddafi Regime

     Left wing chest thumping is all Is Barrack Obama Still Weak After Toppling Muammar Gaddafi is, and a laundry list of why he is a champ at foreign policy.


Parasitic Infestation of Our Nation

    Parasitic Invasion of Our Nation is a total rant with zero meat. Yes the government workers in Washington may be overpaid but a big part of DC being the richest city is all the lobbyist and politicians residing there along with the congressional aides and the number of national law enforcement people employed there along with everyone else who is vying for power. A little research before you rant might be in order.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Tom Toles

     His new Cartoon is harsh on congress but true


Occupy the Classroom

     Sounds serious but Occupy the Classroom is a complete fluff piece that says nothing new


Lincoln Points Obama to the High Ground

     Dionne seems to either be good or bad, rarely in between. In Lincoln Points Obama to the High Ground he makes the point that if compromise in not really possible go with that which is morally right instead.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Jobs Plan

    The new Tom Toles cartoon.

Imagined in America

     Imagined in America is just another example of how confused the middle still is. Did I day confused, wrong c word conflicted is what I meant, yeah that's it. Whatever they are, coherent they are not.


Fight Night in Vegas

    Fight Night in Vegas is a nice little synopsis of the Republican debate last night.


Rediscovering Civil Disobedience

    Rediscovering Civil Disobedience gets a good just for the title and some sweet historical references. A little too chest thumping for an over the top review though.


The Conservative Case Against Mitt Romney

    The Conservative Case Against Mitt Romney should actually be called the Radical Rights Case Against Mitt Romney. Romney is a conservative, he just is not far enough to the right to please the radicals on the right who yell the loudest in the Republican Party. Just how conservative do you have to be to satisfy people when your current stances are to the right of Barry Goldwater and you are to liberal. What a party.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mark of Cain

The Mark of Cain is a partisan hit piece of the worst kind.


Women's Lives at Risk

     Very partisan Women's Lives at Risk? is guaranteed to piss of any pro life person as she doesn't understand that pro choice and pro life are not actually opposite positions.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Ohio's War on the Middle Class

    Ohio's War on the Middle Class is in the Ugly column because it is just not happening in Ohio. In 48 of our 50 states cuts to government workers at the state, county, and local level have left people in the lurch. People with good educations who thought they were safe. People take government jobs for 2 main reasons: they want to give back to the community or they want a safe job that guarantees a paycheck and a secure retirement. They don't expect to get paid as much as the private sector but they want job security. They will take less as long as it is hard to lose their job. Someone along the way has forgotten this rule and politicians need to be reminded of it.


America's "Primal Scream"

      Kristoff often pisses me off, partly because I am jealous he gets to travel so many places. In America's " Primal Scream that traveling pays off as he has something more recent to compare the Occupy Wall Street movement to, and does a good job of elucidating his points.


Good News! No Really!

     Good News! No Really! is nice little look at some political bright spot in a world filled with fear and failure.


Ode to the Right

Saw this poem worth sharing:

Graphs and charts and meaningless words
Matter not to right-wing birds
They fly in circular patterns each day
To land at the same spot where they pray

"Oh lord, deliver U.S. from evil
From science, altruism and blue boll weevils
Holy father we pray in your name
Ask U.S. not to be progressive, humane

Allow to bask in mythological glory
The wine of superstition to sweeten your story
Forgive U.S. our trespasses, our prejudice then
We'll "bathe" on Sunday and start over...again

dwalden13 wrote it. found it at three charts to email your right-wing brother in law