Saturday, December 3, 2011

GOP's War on Labor Unions

     The real title should be The GOP's War on Labor Unions continues as this has been an on going battle since the 70's. What happened was Reagan convinced the Party of Lincoln to abandon the principles of Lincoln and instead embrace the land owners. Once the land owners were back in charge they got together with the factory owners and decided they didn't need no stinking laws saying they had to be fair and convinced the under educated that if the land owners and factory owners got richer it would trickle down to the masses. They then set the rules up so that it would be better to keep the money instead of trickling it down. Trickle down only works when capital gains taxes are high so that it is cheaper to reinvest than to keep the money. Oops they forgot to tell us about that. That is how we got here in a nutshell.


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