Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome to the Police State

     Saw a conclusion in the Washington Post editorial on the clearing of Zuchcotti Park which stated " This morning’s action may not be what a police state looks like, but it’s certainly how one begins." and I was thinking I've known we live in a police state ever since I asked a cop whether I was in California or Russia and ended spending two nights in jail and paying a lawyer 500.00 dollars to get my sentence reduced to 6 months summary probation. My lawyer said I got off easy. After all, it is a benevolent police state. All the same, when the powers that be get annoyed enough the lash will come out. The free media may complain, but with politicians being owned by the corporations and the Patriot Act still in force, there is no doubt that anytime they want to put protesters in jail, they can. It seems to me that Wall Street just got tired of the people picking on them and decided to show them what type of state we really live in. Welcome to the realization. This is a police state, just well hidden.


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