Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pearls Before Breakfast

      Pearls Before Breakfast is a fascinating study of American Society in a nutshell and leaves me a little stunned, as I am just as guilty as these folks of being so focused on me, and getting where I am going on time, that I probably would have walked on by too. At most I would have dropped all the change in my pocket, or if no change a dollar in his case. I am left with questions? Why is it so important to get to your job on time? Is this why we seem arrogant to other countries because we are so sure what we are doing is too important to interrupt? Or are we scared little kids too worried about losing our job to think about anything that might distract us?
     By the way our mind is so wonderful at removing or lessening distractions that as write this I am also listening to the performance, and have singled out the violin from the distractions well enough to not really miss many notes at all. Aren't our minds a wonderful thing.


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