Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is It Weird Enough Yet?

Is it Weird Enough Yet?
This should have been a good article. This could have been a good article. Is it Weird Enough Yet? still has some very good parts to it. I just can't abide when someone forgets what he is proving and goes off on a rant tangent instead. I agree that anyone who hasn't done enough homework on climate change to understand that it is not a hoax should not be a serious candidate for president.  But this lets be fair crap centrist like Mr Friedman and others insist on when writing on things not getting passed, or their agenda not being considered, is just a waste of space. If you want more representation in the Government, quit whining about what others are doing and get active in the parties so your people get elected. The reason nothing from the centers agenda ever gets done is they have given up on influencing the parties and just sit back and try pick the best of a bad lot instead of getting their people active. Some of this article is good. Overall yuck.

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